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In order to provide our Customers the highest service standards we introduced rules concerning Quality Policy in our plant. Our goal is first and foremost to deliver customer satisfaction at all stages of cooperation: from design, through construction, timely delivery, implementation and operation of our products. We do not want to only be a supplier of the final product, but also an advisor to our customers - this means that we offer advice on defining the parameters and the final appearance of the ordered item.

The objectives of the Quality Policy adopted by the Board of Directors and by the other employees are as follows:

1. Providing the customer with products and services of the highest quality.

2. Meeting delivery deadlines.

3. The continuous development of machinery and potential of staff.

4. Continuing care of the hardware resources and the corporate machinery, timely review and appropriate maintenance.

5. Regular extension of the scope of services corresponding to the expectations of our customers.

6. The use of the materials and highest quality products from trusted suppliers.

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